<![CDATA[Spiritual Power Tools: Support for Your Soul - Tips for Using SPT]]>Wed, 17 Feb 2016 11:11:39 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Differences between Third and Fourth Levels of Consciousness]]>Fri, 01 Jun 2012 11:39:40 GMThttp://www.spiritualpowertoolssupport.com/tips-for-using-spt/differences-between-third-and-fourth-levels-of-consciousnessTo help you understand the difference between the human consciousness and the Christ consciousness, here's a list of how your life will improve when you live on the fourth dimensional Christ Consciousness, to name just a few:  
Human /                                       Spiritual / 
3rd Level                    VS           4th Level 
Consciousness                        Consciousness            

You cannot turn                            You mastered the art 
off your mind.                               of turning off your mind.  
You identify with                           You identify with your 
your limited self.                           Unlimited Self.  
You live in the opposites.           You live beyond the 
You either worry about               You are fully present to 
the past or future.                        the moment.

You live in fear.                           You live peacefully. 

You are afraid of change.          You welcome change.

You are self-absorbed.              You are unselfish and want
                                                      to serve others.  


Observe the self and how much you vacillate between the opposites.

<![CDATA[Meditation: The Process to Unveil the Whole SELF]]>Sat, 10 Sep 2011 13:20:06 GMThttp://www.spiritualpowertoolssupport.com/tips-for-using-spt/meditation-the-process-to-unveil-the-whole-selfMeditation is the process we must use to unveil our whole SELF. Through meditation our vibrations are raised.  Our intuitive Mind is awakened and activated.  The intuitive mind accesses the all-knowing mind of God. All the knowledge and wisdom of the ages is available to us. In order to move into the all knowingness of God, a purification process takes place. God uses our intuitive mind to bring into consciousness things that are blocking us from our wholeness.  We have soul issues that must be balanced and realigned.  We are supported, guided and directed to those things stored in our subconscious mind that have kept us stuck. Every soul must eventually go through this process. This is the procedure which takes us to the next dimension of Being.

Action to take:

Meditate and quiet your mind. There are many ways to mediate: Listen to a guided meditation. Take a long walk and just still the mind. (That is known as an open eye-meditation.) Observe your breathing as it moves in and out of your chest, or put your hand on your heart and focus on your heartbeat, with a quiet mind.  Whatever you can lose yourself in is meditation. 
<![CDATA[Create a Meditation Station]]>Fri, 09 Sep 2011 07:00:00 GMThttp://www.spiritualpowertoolssupport.com/tips-for-using-spt/create-a-meditation-stationNow that you have made a commitment to work in the best interest of your soul, the process begins. Your soul is a fragment of God. Through meditation you are linking your consciousness to God consciousness--Universal Wisdom. By making this connection daily you are supporting yourself to move quickly on the path to self realization.

Action to take:

Create a meditation station. A place that you can go that is calming and peaceful. This will set up the vibration and energy field which will directly enhance your God connection.

<![CDATA[Affirmations to Align Your Consciousness]]>Thu, 08 Sep 2011 14:38:17 GMThttp://www.spiritualpowertoolssupport.com/tips-for-using-spt/affirmations-to-align-your-consciousnessYour desire for your spiritual alignment adds power and energy to your spiritual journey.  The energy you put into your daily spiritual practice is returned to you in support from the Universe one hundredfold! 
Action to take:

Meditate on the affirmations found in the Prescription for Spiritual Alignment.  Make a commitment to your spiritual alignment by affirming these statements three times each, at three different times every day. 

<![CDATA[Practice Using Your Intuition]]>Wed, 07 Sep 2011 14:43:43 GMThttp://www.spiritualpowertoolssupport.com/tips-for-using-spt/practice-using-your-intuitionIntuition is an abstract experience.  It is not the mind, common sense, or value judgments.  By observing ourselves, we become aware of how our consciousness operates.  Through this process we learn the difference between the ego/mind and the higher intuitive faculty.  When an intuitive flash comes, it is sudden.  It brings with it full knowledge of something we have never learned before, as well as a full understanding of this information--and it happens simultaneously.  In order to take our next step in evolution, we must go beyond the intellect.  The way into the next dimension of Being is through our intuition.

Action to take to develop intuition:

Practice with little things such as:  Where to go for dinner;  Should I buy this dress, suit, flowers, etc?  Sometimes we are lead to a store and then redirected to the right place to find what we are looking for.  If in doubt, "Keep Listening."  You will always know the truth when it comes to you deep inside.  You will feel at peace. 

<![CDATA[Interview with Jane Elizabeth]]>Tue, 06 Sep 2011 21:41:19 GMThttp://www.spiritualpowertoolssupport.com/tips-for-using-spt/first-postJane Elizabeth describes a few of her favorite Spiritual Power Tools: the Spiritual Thermometer, Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions, and meditation. These powerful methods can be found in her book, Spiritual Power Tools: Support for Your Soul, here, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.com.